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Lola Wright - My name is Lola Wright.

My name is Lola Wright.

I am Chicago born and built. I have transformed my life from the inside out while leading a multiracial, intergenerational, queer-affirming, and femme-forward community. I am raising four creative and brilliant children with my husband. My purpose is my protest. I stand for personal transformation, always in service of our collective awakening. When one of us lives more freely, humanity itself becomes freer.

I invite divine discontent, purposeful disruption, and radical truth telling to move us out of the patterns that get in the way of who we are here to be and what we are here to do. When you work with me, I will ask you to fiercely challenge your thoughts, beliefs, and stories, to find the gift in your breakdowns, and to lovingly embrace your discomfort as a path to new opportunities. I want to guide you in finding your fierce and loving.

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Working with Lola Wright is inspirational and challenging in all the best ways. Whether on stage, in a classroom, or one on one, Lola’s dynamic mentorship has supported me in moving through the world with intention, authenticity, and self-confidence. I am forever grateful for the invaluable disruption she has facilitated in my life.

Julian Diaz, Our Circle Community Member

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We know your way forward is yours alone and we trust you have everything within you to find your fierce and loving life. This is a space for personal transformation AND collective awakening. It is about being the most alive, brilliant, inspired, creative, on-fire version of yourself—a version that is not consistent with the status quo.

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