My Story

I grew up in the wealth and privilege of private schools, country clubs and manicured neighborhoods, yet I always sensed something was missing. I sought out aliveness and freedom in music, immersing myself in the hip hop and house music scenes of 90s Chicago. Then at 18, a pregnancy. By 22, the mother of two young children and living in a volatile and insecure environment. A year later, I was on my own, determined to create a new experience.

An ordained minister with a gift for weaving together the mystical and material, I served for many years as the CEO of Bodhi Center, an organization committed to personal transformation, collective awakening, conscious activism and community-building.

My work has taken me to stages around the world as a speaker and vocalist, including Agape International Spiritual Center, TEDx, Chicago Ideas, and the Havana Jazz Festival.

My path has included stops at some of the world’s leading global financial institutions and technology startups, training in several well-respected coaching methodologies, and experience as an entrepreneur – all culminating in my desire to challenge people to live fully alive.

I love nothing more than creating unexpected encounters that shake up what you thought you knew. This includes more than 300 live events since 2014, including a sold out monthly experience that brought together some of the country’s most prolific artists and thinkers, and thousands of hours consulting with and coaching teams and individuals in their pursuit of something greater.

I am raising four creative, brilliant children with a partner who is always willing to ask what more do we want to create.

Lola Wright - My Story

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Your Holy Disruption

I know your way forward is yours alone and I trust you have everything within you to find your fierce and loving life. With heart and humor, I authentically share what has worked in my own life as an invitation for your transformation – serving as a guide as you explore my fierce and loving principles and practices.

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Lola Wright Purpose
Lola Wright Purpose

My Purpose

I am a Holy Disruptor. I stand for personal transformation, always in service of our collective awakening. When one of us lives more freely, humanity itself becomes freer.

My Commitment

I will lovingly guide you in discovering your own holy disruption. I invite you to listen to your internal wisdom, challenge yourself from a place of deep, loving curiosity and get into and move – really move – your body.

I want you to live a deeply fulfilling and sustainable life that contributes to the evolution of humanity.

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