This time of year is always a time for reflection. A time for looking at what may or may not have gone as we intended over the past year. A time to take inventory of our hurt, our heartbreak, our loss. 

That is especially true this year.  

So much of what we have always known—what we have long depended and relied on—has been stripped away in 2020. Our holidays look vastly different than they ever have. Our worlds have been halted in unimaginable ways. We are left with a kind of vacancy. A vacuum. A void. 

And before we rush to fill that void with all sorts of new distractions, toys, and numbing techniques, there is great potency in sitting in the discomfort. We must stop. Slow down. Feel the unraveling. And savor the sacred stillness.  

We have all heard the things people say about 2020. A lost year. A wasted year. “2020 had been officially cancelled.” 

I choose a different reality. I believe we are in a kind of spiritual maturation. As we allow ourselves to make magic in the dark, to feel our way through these unknown spaces, a new fortitude and stamina begins to emerge. We are being developed. And as we develop, we begin to ascend above the drama of duality and disconnection. 

But first we must let go of all that no longer serves us. We must lay down our addiction to fear. Release our righteousness. Drop the drama. If there is anything that must be “cancelled,” let it be the behaviors and beliefs that hold us back. The oppressive systems and structures that weigh us down. The lies of scarcity and survival that keep us in our sleepy state.

Usually we relate to loss as something bad or wrong. And yet the loss we are in the midst of is necessary for our expansion. We are in the great awakening. Every moment we are birthing a new existence that is more sustainable, more generous, more connected. If we were to allow ourselves to really feel the love, power, peace, abundance, compassion, creativity, and wisdom that lives within us… How might we recreate our reality?

We have a responsibility as brilliant and holy portals of this universe. As we expand, we imagine new solutions. We recalibrate a more potent and powerful sense of self. We begin to innovate, to look at the ways we organize our society, our relationships, our careers, our finances, our lives. 

As we consider this next phase of humanity, this next iteration of our existence, we get to say what matters to us most. We get to put back the pieces in a way that works for all human beings. We must allow ourselves to feel the sacred loss of the old so that we may create something new.

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