I was 10 when I became acutely aware that something was off in my community. I began challenging the assumptions of the adults around me. At 13, when I first heard A Tribe Called Quest, the insidious virus of fear and hate that has infected humanity and more specifically this country became clearly detectable to me. My love affair with the truth serum of hip-hop demanded the depths of my soul be interrogated and the reservoir of my mind be filled with accurate and painful facts about whiteness, white supremacy and racism.

Normal white people. A conversation. A consciousness. A community. seeks to transform the conversation of race in America. Using real and untold American history, current events and self-reflection participants are committed to uncovering personal biases, discovering the changes necessary within the participant, and creating a personal path of inspired action that moves the evolutionary impulse of humanity toward a loving and just global society.

Our first course is available LIVE and ONLINE beginning Tuesday, September 4th from 7p – 9p CT for five weeks with one Saturday Intensive on September 8th from 9a to 12p.

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